While standing in TSA lines lately, I’ve had some spare “mind time” to brainstorm some solutions. What are your thoughts and recommendations?

  • Hire Girl Scouts & Boy ScoutsWhy is it some people START packing when they get to the security line! Hire the Scouts to help people in line to “be prepared.”
  • Families-only line. It’s tough enough to get myself to the airport I can only imagine what it takes to get a family. And I cringe when I see them get in line and a heavy-sighing business traveler is behind them. Give them the same courtesy airlines do.

  • Newbie, experienced, and pro. Have people self-identify their travel expertise. If they’re a newbie, they can be with others who haven’t dealt with the shoes, laptops, forgotten bottles of water (guilty on that one!)
  • Vegas, baby! I don’t travel there often but I did find the security line was less tedious by watching entertaining videos. Might not work in each city, but why not try.
  • Charge for carry-on vs checked luggage. While I’m not a fan of waiting for my bag, I’d rather do that then get to the airport 3 hours in advance. I appreciate the airlines don’t want to give up all that revenue. However, when people bring a Mary Poppins like bag through security it slows everyone down.
  • Early arrivals. Recently I arrived early for my flight and there were two earlier flights leaving to my destination. However, I was traveling for a nonprofit who understandably bought a non-refundable ticket. Delta wouldn’t let me on an earlier flight. What if someone needed that seat and there were empty seats earlier. Yes, some will game the system, but I hope airlines will do their part to get people OUT of airports too.

What are your solutions for TSA?