Four days in enough for an overseas trip, right? I am confronted with this question at least twice a year. With only short windows available to travel much of the year, one has to make the most of it. Which is why I end up making choices like planning a long weekend split between Copenhagen and Malmo.

These are the sorts of trips that raise eyebrows. All that way for just a few days? What a waste (say my coworkers)! Yet it’s not. These have been some of my richest experiences, whether three days in Istanbul, 40 hours in Barcelona, or a long weekend in Scandinavia.

Trip Rundown

This was my first time visiting any part of Scandinavia. I’ve long wanted to visit Norway. But this quick trip was a great introduction. I enjoyed the Danish capital for two full days, walking along the iconic Nyhavn waterfront, seeing the castles and palaces, and enjoying some smørrebrød. The old city is picturesque. I recommend visiting the top of the Rundetaarn for a nice view of the city. Since I visited in January, the famous Tivoli park was closed. Not that I would have been able to fit that in, too.

Halfway through my four-day stint I popped across the Øresund Strait to Malmö, Sweden. It has a lovely old town, and I enjoyed learning about the historical fight for control of this narrow channel into the Baltic Sea. Malmö has a lovely old town and some great places to eat.

I flew Scandinavian Airlines to and from Copenhagen, an experience I enjoyed for the most part. It was only my second time in premium economy. I’d certainly do it again since I snagged and excellent deal, but I wouldn’t choose it over coach at a more typical price point.

Long weekend in Scandinavia

Sankt Petri kyrka, Malmö

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Final Thoughts

Although I enjoyed my visit during the heart of winter, I’d love to make it back to Denmark in the summer, visiting areas outside the capital. It’s a small country (you could fit 10 Denmarks in California), but there’s plenty more to see. Taking the kids yo LEGOLAND Billund would be cool. But we should make it to the one in our home state, first.

Even though I want to see Norway, the trip I really want to take would require at least a couple weeks. Visiting a city or two is easy to do in a weekend. Seeing vast stretches of the country is not. It’s more likely I enjoy another long weekend in Scandinavia, such as a visit to Stockholm, before I finally get around to planning the Norway trip.