When you have happy feet, you’re a happier traveler. It’s tough to find comfortable travel footwear that you can wear from home to the plane to a client meeting.

Comfy travel footwear - Pluggz

Comfy travel footwear – Pluggz

Meet Pluggz!

They are fun, fashionable, lightweight, and travel-friendly.

Whether you’re traveling from your home to the office, it’s a good idea to have some comfortable footwear that do the job.

Add planes, trains, luggage and more, it gets even more complicated. You want footwear that is functional but also doesn’t make you look like you’re a Neanderthal.


You may notice this post is also included in the “safety” category. It’s important when you’re traveling that you can move and move quickly!

Ask yourself this question, in the event of an emergency could you run?

If not, get footwear that increases your chances of being safe (and helping others).

Yes, size matters

It’s also aggravating if your shoes occupy a chunk of your luggage. You don’t want shoes that are more like shower caps on your feet. Pick a shoe that has substance – a good arch and sole.


Life happens. Things get lost, damaged, stolen … I buy shoes that I can buy again on the off chance something goes wrong.


Did I mention comfortable? Most likely you’ve experienced that painful moment when you have a blister and would sell your soul for a Band-Aid.

What are your favorite travel shoes? Please share!