I’ve never really got the hang of Arrivals lounges. As soon as I land, I just want to get home/to my hotel. However, the Plaza Premium Arrivals Lounge at Heathrow Terminal 2 may just make me change my mind. The lounge is accessible via Priority Pass, or for a £35 fee. If you book with the loungebuddy app, you can get $10 off the price using the code airlineguy at checkout.

Location and ambiance

The lounge is located right in front of the door entering the Arrivals section downstairs. It at first looks quite small, though there is a large back-section containing bedrooms, spas and showers. The lounge itself is therefore quite intimate, and moodily lit, due to the lack of natural light. It’s open 0500-2200, and I could see it getting quite packed at peak times; it has less seating space than the coffee shop next-door.

Food and service

This was the real show-stopper. The lounge offers a three-course meal and complimentary free drinks, as well as a buffet snack selection. The snacks include muffins, croissants, crackers and biscuits, which itself competes with most pay-per-visit lounges out there. The hot food is served to your table. The food was absolutely sublime. Perhaps not the most adventurous and posh spread of any lounge, but consistently tasty and of good quality.

Other features

The lounge offers spa treatments and bedroom at a cost, as well as complimentary shower facilities. Both the showers and lavatories were in great condition. Also offered are charging ports, as well as free WiFi and reading material.


Final thoughts

On food alone, the Plaza Premium Arrivals Lounge at Heathrow Terminal 2 gives a lot of airlines’ First Class lounges a run for their money. Add to that the tasteful interior decoration and pleasant ambiance and you have yourself a great lounge. The lounge’s only downfall would be its size. If you’re on Priority Pass, this is a definite place to stop, especially seeing as you don’t need to have a boarding pass to access, which is great if you’re coming to pick someone up.