I arrived at the British Airways Galleries Lounge at Munich well before my flight and was as a result the first there by about 30 minutes. Whilst unintentional, it gave me a great opportunity to take some pictures of the lounge before it filled up. The lady at reception was also very helpful, and obliged in printing out my boarding pass from the desk. Access is available to oneworld Sapphire members, as well as BA Silver/Gold members and Business Class passengers. I was flying from Munich to London in Business Class, so had access this way.

Space and Ambience

The British Airways Galleries Lounge is very well lit, and is in a corner of the building, meaning that two of the four walls are windows. The natural light was much appreciated. The lounge is also very spacious, with a large amount of seating spac. Whilst this puzzled me at first, it soon occurred that MUC to LHR is a large business route, and there are a lot of business travellers, as well as Silver/Gold status members. The lounge filled up to almost maximum capacity, which really surprised me for only one outbound A320 flight.

Food and Drink

The drink selection was superb, offering a wide selection of soft drinks, wines, beer and spirits. Unfortunately, the hot drink dispenser was broken. The food selection, however, puzzled me. On offer was finger sandwiches, chicken nuggets, mini pizzas and chicken strips, all preheated. It brought me back to the days of cheap food at my 8th birthday party, and it was very questionable how appropriate this food selection was in a business lounge. There was also cheese and biscuits.

Seats and amenities

The seating was quite spread out, offering privacy from other passengers. Each seating area had a cocktail table, and coffee table, as well as at-seat power, fitting all international plugs. As someone who works on my laptop in lounges, this was hugely helpful. There was also a large variety of English and German newspapers, as well as PCs available for use. The lavatories were outside the lounge, but only a 30 second walk away.

Final thoughts

The British Airways Galleries Lounge at Munich is a comprehensive business lounge, and one of the nicer airline-run lounges that I’ve been to outside the airline’s hub airport. The space and ambience were superb, as were the amenities. Aside from the bizarre choice in food, I would happily visit again.