This summer, I took 6 flights originating or departing from Vienna Airport. As a result, I got many opportunities to sample the lounges there. The Sky Lounge an independent lounge at Vienna airport, accessible to Priority Pass holders, Austrian American Express members, and many other cardholders/status holders, as well as for a fixed fee of ~€30.

Space and ambience

The lounge is underground and as a result lacks any natural light; however, it is well-lit nonetheless. It’s a reasonably small lounge, but it was never crowded when I visited. The space is broken up into sections by fabric “dividers,” which makes the lounge feel more spacious and adds privacy. The seating is also very nice, and each seat has a table, though the low table is very hard to eat from. I opted to eat in the business centre, a separate room, while working. Not only did it have charging ports for my laptop, but it had high tables, and was well-lit.



Food and Drink

The drinks selection was very comprehensive, including soft/hot drinks, beers, wines and spirits. For food there was a cold buffet and snacks as well as a hot dish and a choice of two soups (meat and vegetarian) with various condiments. Whoever knew mini profiteroles were a soup condiment? All the food was pretty tasty, and they were serving a chicken stir-fry and paprika chicken the two times I visited.

Other Amenities

As I said on my Instagram, the reading selection at this lounge was very impressive; there was a huge range of international newspapers and magazines. Other features of the lounge included free WiFi, and the business centre (as mentioned above) and both smoking rooms and toilets inside the lounge. Whilst the smoking cubicle room looked very claustrophobic, the toilets were very pleasant, clean and well-maintained.


Final thoughts

The Sky Lounge at Vienna does all that a good pay-per-use lounge should do. The food and drink selection were adequate and of reasonable quality, and the extra amenities were icing on the cake, really. While it might not rate as highly as the Austrian Airlines HON Circle First Class Lounge round the corner, it certainly fulfills its function well, and I would not hesitate to visit again.