Gosh, three weeks of sitting in the office and my eyelids were starting to twitch. I’m writing this now from seat 4B on my way to DC. Upgrade cleared, staying in a really cool hotel tonight that I promise to review, and it’s good to be back in the air. As you know, I love GoGo inflight wi-fi, and I know you do too. In celebration of my return to traveling after a whopping three weeks off, I’m giving away two free GoGo passes!

All you have to do for the opportunity to win is comment to this post with a reason why you love to travel. I will choose one winner randomly via Random.org, and the winner will receive two GoGo inflight wi-fi passes. Thanks to GoGo for these passes! The contest closes at 6am EDT in the USA on June 7, 2013. So…. good luck to you! Now comment, and tell your friends about the opportunity to win!!!