Even though I love technology, I’ll be the first to admit that writing a review on wireless earphones didn’t strike me as high in terms of content sexiness.

Especially since I already purchased the AUKEY Wireless Headphones, which I got earlier in the year to pair with the Apple Watch.

a pair of black earbuds on a black cloth


Yet, for whatever reason, I just never got used to it.  It just wasn’t that comfortable to me.

Humixx Wireless Earphones

I was looking for something more comfortable, so I was glad when I was offered the opportunity to review the Humixx wireless headphones. (Same price range as the AUKEY, at $29.99)

a box with earphones on it

a close up of a box


At first glance, these Humixx headphones didn’t seem different from other headphones. It comes with a USB charging adapter, the headphones, and two pairs of earpiece covering (one larger and one smaller).

a black headphones and a black cable

One of the first things I noticed is that the earphones are actually curved at an angle. It immediately made me wonder if I would have a hard time keeping the earphones in my ear.

a pair of black earbuds on a white box


It didn’t take me long to find out that they kept falling off, that is, until I realized that I was wearing them wrong. (I should have paid attention to the “L” and “R” indicators – something I’ve always ignored when it comes to headphones).  After I switched out the earpiece covering, I found that the fit was surprisingly good.  The fit was even more comfortable than my existing Aukey headphones.

The control on the headset is simple and standard.  You can power on/off the headphone, adjust the volume and even enable Siri voice control.

a black earbuds on a white paper


In Summary

While I know that the sound clarity is amazing with the AUKEY (caller on the other end could pick up even background noises – a little too sensitive?), the sound quality is solid when I tested this pair of headphones with calls and music.

Between these two pairs, I actually prefer the Humixx because of the curved earpiece.  It actually provides a comfortable fit, without feeling like you have to stuff the entire earpiece in your ear.

The only thing that could make this product better?

A little carrying pouch.


Do you have a favorite brand of earphones that you would recommend?  Sound off below.