I always liked clouds.  Especially puffy, cotton-like clouds (known as cumulus clouds).

When the pandemic hit last year, everything grounded to a halt.

As restrictions began to ease, I got more opportunities to take walks and explore local parks and open spaces in a socially distanced way. And I remembered how much I like looking at the skies.

And clouds.

I think looking at vast space in front of me always reminds me of the bigger world out there.  It always helps to put things in some perspective.

And you don’t know what kind of clouds you might get on a given day — perhaps a fitting metaphor for life.


These are some ‘sky’ photographs I’ve taken over the past year.

clouds in the sky

Togetherness. (These appeared to be Cirrocumulus clouds).


a foggy landscape with trees and a sunset

Mystifying.  A fog is also a type of low-lying clouds.


a sun in the sky

Journey. And Glow (Growth).


a moon in the sky



snow falling snow in the sky

“Pending – can’t see ahead”.  Pretty snow.


a blue sky with clouds

Messy. (Altocumulus clouds)


a plane flying in the sky

Multi-layered. There’s more than meets the eye.


a sunset over trees



a crescent moon in the sky



a swamp with trees in the background



a tree and clouds in the sky



a blue sky with clouds



a body of water with trees and clouds in the sky



a body of water with trees in the background



a blue sky with clouds



a pink and blue sky with clouds

Simplicity.  Beauty.


a rainbow in the sky



a moon in the sky



a person skiing on a snowy hill

Living. (Cirrus clouds)


I know it might seem odd to some to muse about clouds on a travel blog, but there will be plenty of time for me to write about travel later.

Today, I just want to acknowledge what a challenging year it had been for everyone.  And I find that clouds are the perfect metaphor — from cloudy to the mundane to awe-inspiring.

For those who had a rough year, have faith.  Clouds are always moving, always changing.

In some ways, it’s all very fitting for today:

Winter had left its mark, and Spring has officially arrived.