Right now Hamilton is in LA for their tour until December 31st at the Hollywood Pantages. They are reserving 40 orchestra seats for each performance for a lottery!

How to enter the Hamilton Lottery for LA:

You can enter one of two ways, through the Lucky Seat website or through the new Hamilton app, which you can download here!

According to the Lucky Seat Website:

“Entries for the lottery for each performance will be accepted until 9:00 AM PT the day before the performance. Winner and non-winner notifications will be sent via e-mail at approximately 11:00 AM PT the day prior to the performance. Winners entering through this form will also receive a text SMS message (if mobile number is furnished provided the entrant also checks the text consent box). Tickets must be purchased online with a credit card by 4:00 PM PT the day prior to the performance using the purchase link in your winner’s notification email. Winning tickets not purchased by 4:00 PM are forfeited.”

So, if I sign up Saturday morning before 9 AM, it would be for the Sunday performance and I will know if I won at 11 AM Saturday, and I have until 4 PM Saturday to buy the tickets!

You can either buy 1 or 2 tickets for $10 apiece.

How bout at New York and Chicago?

Soon you can also enter the Hamilton lottery on the app for New York and Chicago! The New York lottery on the app starts on August 22nd and the Chicago lottery on August 29th.

They also have their own lotteries going on online, you can register online on Broadway Direct for the New York one here, or the Chicago one here!

The rules are a bit different for these, you have 60 minutes to pay for your tickets after winning!


Anyone seen Hamilton? How is it? Comment below!


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