Free Silvercar 7 Day Rental with Purchase or Lease of a New Audi

Free Silvercar 7 Day Rental with Purchase or Lease of a New Audi

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I recently got a new Audi e-tron to try out for a lease last year, and with that purchase I found out I would get 7 days of Silvercar rentals for free as part of the Always Audi Program! Pretty cool offer.

Silvercar by Audi started in 2012 to revolutionize the rental car industry. It offered an all-Audi fleet equipped with navigation and wifi, and didn’t charge huge fees for tolls or gas refills. Sometimes, it would be even cheaper or not much more than a standard rental car. In 2017, Audi fully acquired Silvercar and I had the great opportunity to try them out back in 2018 at Seattle/Tacoma Airport, and truly enjoyed my experience renting an Audi A4.

As of now in 2021, they shifted from shutting down their airport locations to moving operating to existing Audi dealerships. Currently Silvercar has 29 locations across the US, and they have the A4, A5, Q5 and Q7 in their fleet. While not the most convenient for airport travelers, there are some dealerships located quite close to airports, in particular- Orange County (SNA), Ontario (ONT) and San Jose (SJC) are all served by an Audi dealership within 5 miles from the airport. So depending on comparable prices across the other rental agencies, it could be worth a quick Uber of Lyft to the Audi dealership.


How the Always Audi Program Works:

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Audi’s are awful cars for the money.




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