You can never go hungry when Cathay Pacific operate a lounge at your local airport. At London Heathrow Terminal 3 the place to dine for oneworld Emerald frequent flyers is the Cathay Pacific First Class lounge.

This lounge features a dining room serving some very fine food. In the morning there is a breakfast menu and from around midday the menu changes to the All Day A La Carte Menu.

I’m Hungry, Show Me The Menu!

Cathay Pacific is an airline based in Hong Kong which means the menu contains Asian selections as well as dishes reflecting its London Heathrow location.

There are sixteen options altogether and you are welcome to select as few or as many as you wish. Bring your appetite as the food does not disappoint!

Start With A Drink

Once seated by the friendly staff you are asked if you would like a drink. Perhaps a quiet glass of wine? Maybe you’re in the mood for a cheeky glass of Champagne? There are plenty of options.

I rather enjoy the Signature Drink called Ginger Forest. It is the perfect palate cleanser before diving head first into eating. The ginger packs a punch and it is extremely refreshing.

Time For The Starter

As Cathay Pacific is an Asian airline, I like to select dishes from that area of the world. I also really love Asian food as a rule so it is not exactly a difficult choice. Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce & Cucumber Salad it is!

This dish is very well presented and I liked the flashes of colour making it look more appealing. How is it? The plate is empty there above, so that says it all.

The Main Dish And Dessert

Next on my hungry hit list is the Thai Fish Curry served with Jasmine Rice. Perhaps the eye popping presentation has something to do with why this is quite popular.

Words are unable to adequately describe this. My taste buds broke out into a dance and I was hard pressed not to start kissing people around me with complete glee. Quite nice!

Dessert is delivered once you dispatch your main meal. Apple & Berries Crumble with Custard is what I was recommended. It is also very good, though I wish I had taken a picture half way through rather than devouring it after one picture. Moreish!

Did You Really Think It Would End There?

Let’s face it, I am a whore for Dim Sum. The first time I ever had it in Sydney is still burned into my memory. Loved it immediately and still do, so later on I went back to the dining room to have some. I wasn’t hungry but who cares?

Listed under the heading Chef’s Specialty, it is perfect in almost every way. Almost? There is not enough of it. I should have done what someone else said they did – they ordered three or four portions and just ploughed right in. Smart man, that!

Overall Thoughts

My oneworld Emerald card is no more. I did not requalify, so I specifically booked flights so I could use this lounge one last time until the next time I am back at that level. Yes, I booked flights to the cheapest city just so I could go here.

That alone should tell you how much I enjoy this lounge. I arrived early enough to eat from the breakfast menu in the morning so I made a day of it. If you are passing through Terminal 3 at Heathrow and are flying a oneworld airline in First Class or have Emerald status, make sure you visit here.

Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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