Last month, I wrote about how I had an upcoming flight booked to Las Vegas. This flight dropped its price about 4 times and I had an issue getting an eCredit on the last change. Delta generally makes it quite easy to get Delta eCredits for the fare difference. You can go to “Change Flight” on the app, look up the same flight and it will show the new price. Once you click through, you’ll get to a payment screen that will state “Total eCredit” and the amount to be issued. Then, once you click confirm, you should get a new Delta eCredit with the attached eCredit number that will show up in your wallet that you can use for your future flight!

Delta eCredits

Example of Delta eCredits issued on changed reservation confirmation email.

Last Time’s Issue with Delta eCredits:

For the Vegas flight, the first 3 price drops worked out perfectly, and I had 3 Delta eCredits in my accounts. Then for the 4th time, I got to the confirmation page there was no eCredit issued. Odd.

Normally when I do these types of changes, I will see this message towards the bottom of the email showing the eCredit number and expiration date. Contacting support via iMessage didn’t help, and the first rep over the phone was confused. The phone rep transferred me to a supervisor who did some digging and wasn’t sure why the online system didn’t issue me an eCredit. She called ticketing and they were able to issue me an eCredit that popped up in my account immediately. The supervisor didn’t know why this was happening, so I thought it was perhaps a one-off.

The New Issue with Delta eCredits:

For my flights to Georgia next month, the price dropped twice. As you can see I’m really bad at timing when to book flights! These two eCredits were issued normally. But then, on my 3rd attempt for a smaller price drop of $10, it didn’t work. This time, I ran into the same issue as last time where the new price was reflected as it stated I would get a $10 eCredit, and I got a confirmation email. But like the last issue, there was no eCredit issued, and the eCredit number was missing from the email.

Sigh. I’m honestly too lazy to call Delta and explain the whole situation again over the phone as it took hours last time. And this time it’s just $10. It seems not worth the effort. But for me, it’s not the dollar amount, but the principle. If the price is lower and Delta allows me to rebook and get a fare difference in an eCredit, I should be able to receive it.

Additionally, for those chasing Medallion Status, this hurts your MQD’s as the system is showing you booked the lower cheaper price, despite not getting the eCredit for the fare difference.

The Verdict:

Overall, when it works, the change function on the Delta app is a nice feature to save on flights you’ve already booked and get credit for future travel. But, it seems that there is a bug in the online system, where sometimes Delta eCredits don’t get issued. If it’s a substantial amount, it may be worth the extra effort to call in to get your eCredit.


Have you had issues when changing a Delta flight and not receiving your eCredit? Share your experience below!




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