Fast Track security is one of the biggest time savers when heading to the airport. Anyone in their right mind should avoid the long snaking queue of once a year travellers and breeze through Fast Track instead.

This expedited security experience is usually offered as a perk as you climb up the tiers in an airlines frequent flyer programme. Some airports also offer the service for purchase.

Fast Track For Purchase

Here are some examples from Europe to illustrate how cost effective it is. Dublin Airport offer the service for between €5.99 and €7.99 depending on the day and time you are flying. I use this every time in Dublin and security screening takes an average of five minutes.

The various airports in London offer different priced products. Gatwick Airport offer Premium Gatwick Security for £5, Stansted Airport charge £7, and Luton charge £3 online and £5 at the airport. I think the pricing is quite reasonable.

The Benefits of Fast Track

Security is easily the most stressful part of the airport experience and waltzing straight through makes it all feel a lot more seamless. Most people using Fast Track tend to know the drill so there is little waiting for people to get on with it. The queues are usually very short to the point of going straight up to the screening belt and plonking down your items.

Knowing you will have a short security queue means you can get to the airport much later. This is especially beneficial for people without any kind of lounge access. Sick and tired of sitting waiting at the departure gate with nothing to do? Fast Track enables you to reduce the lost time at the airport to a minimum.

Overall Thoughts

I have status with British Airways which means I use Fast Track at all the points where I am eligible. When I am flying a different airline, I will purchase it so I know I am covered.

There are variations on the theme, such as at Amsterdam Schiphol who offer Privium which is security and lounge access based on an annual fee being paid and the United States also offers other variations of this too.

How important is Fast Track security to you? Do you pay an annual fee, does it come with a credit card or you just don’t think it’s needed? Thanks for reading and please leave any comments or questions below.

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