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We've arrived!

We’ve arrived!

Highlights: W New York – Times Square

This hotel is very conveniently located for tourists in Times Square, within walking distance to Broadway, and at the intersection of public transportation. It’s a chic, upscale hotel, good for a nice getaway.


Lobby & Check-in

The ground floor has some lovely ceiling décor of an overhead water tank, interacting nicely with the light to make a shimmering effect on the floor. To the left is Dos Caminos restaurant for upscale Mexican food. Elevators go to the 7th floor, for check in and the hotel bar. Valet parking is $75 per day. Quick and speedy check-in service, with complimentary drinks in addition to the welcome points. We did not opt for breakfast as we had other plans. They also upgraded our room to a higher floor, from Wonderful to Spectacular.



The room was on a higher floor, very close to the elevator, but still was very small (288 sq. ft.). However, it was adequate for New York City and Times Square. It served its purpose, and had a nice couch to lounge on. There were great views from the room to enjoy as well.


Hotel Space / Ambiance

This hotel is designed for tourists and caters to them. I would not recommend this for business travelers due to the inconvenience of traffic and having to deal with tourists. It has a very “hip” décor with an interesting lobster light artwork. Additionally, the bar was quite packed during the later afternoon/evening.

Lobster Light in the lobby

Lobster Light in the lobby


Food & Drink

As mentioned previously, we skipped breakfast due to other plans, but it would be interesting to try. We did use the drink coupons at the hotel bar. However, the service there was quite poor during the middle of the afternoon, when it wasn’t even busy. I had to walk over to get the attention of the bartender as she was busy doing homework or studying something in full view of the bar guests.

Exterior at night

Exterior at night



The gym was adequate for a hotel of this size, but most tourists won’t be using it since they’re in the Big Apple!



All in all, this stay at the W New York was about what I expected – a touristy trap with small rooms. We did have great check-in service, which I appreciated, as well as the cool artwork around the hotel. Be sure to take advantage of the hotel’s proximity to Broadway or other locations. I would stay here again if I had to, but I am sure there are other great hotels nearby as well.


Featured Image is the bed in our room at the W New York


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