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HIGHLIGHTS: Staybridge Suites Rocklin – Roseville Area

This hotel served its purpose – as a cheap place to crash. Breakfast was surprisingly decent, with more options than I expected. Unfortunately, the quality, atmosphere, and location of the property was subpar, and I probably would not come back. There are other, better options in the outer Sacremento area, especially as we tried to stay near Folsom.



This hotel is far out of the way, behind a small shopping plaza in Rocklin. Lobby is decidedly a non-smoking zone in a non-smoking hotel, but that won’t stop guests from polluting the area with their poison. Nor apparently does it stop even hotel employees – the blast of cigarette smoke that hit me in the face right at the entrance made this place an easy never come back decision.



We were upgraded to a one-bedroom suite due to IHG Platinum status, which was decent. With a nice grassy view, you could see plenty of sheep grazing during the day. The room was quite dusty, however, with the towels just billowing with dust – not sure why this place wasn’t kept clean and tidy.

Internet was not Ethernet but was still very fast – a plus for this place.



We saw several families and other young couples or groups of friends. It wasn’t terribly crowded during breakfast, which makes sense on Easter.



Breakfast was decent and had an okay continental selection. I did note that they had a full soda machine available for guests during breakfast, in addition to the traditional juices and milks.

We mostly ate outside the hotel, at nearby restaurants.



Because of the amount of walking, we did not use the fitness center in the lobby floor.



Parking and internet is complimentary, and the welcome amenity was 500 IHG points or an item from the pantry area. Because we are trying to be healthy, I opted for the points. At 15,000 IHG/night, it’s quite steep for what you get, but the other ones closer to the nicer plaza or Westfield mall were not available for reward nights. It’s definitely not worth anything close to the $130+ cash rate equivalent for the room that evening.

Rocklin itself was decidedly uncomfortable, but the nicer Roseville one town over was better. Perhaps we will be back to explore the area more in the future.



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