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Highlights: Sheraton Princess Kaiulani, Waikiki

I was able to BRG this rate down to $127, which was a great deal at the time. I’m sure that would be fine however it was a poor experience, partly due to the fact we were only there for a night. From a shoddy room, to poor service, there are better options (like the Hilton package we got). The welcome Mauna Loa nuts were the highlight, as well as their live entertainment during evenings. Thankfully they were kind enough to waive the $35 resort fee after I spoke with the manager.



Check-in was an interesting experience. Walk past the activities and AT&T desks, to the long check-in desks. I noted the welcome gifts, but was told I had to select between that, breakfast, and points. They told me it was 1,000 Starwood points – which would be 3,000 Marriott, however at check-out they said they were confused and it would only just be 1,000 points of the combined entity. I felt cheated. I also asked for a can of nuts and luggage tag amenity sent up to my room, where I waited for them that evening. They never arrived. Unfortunately, I was not able to take advantage of other resort fee amenities like complimentary water and fruit delivery to the beach.



This room was on the loyalty floor, for a program that no longer exists. It was a pretty standard room, with nice views. There were some glaring issues, with AC that reeked of mildew and mold, needing to be turned off quickly. Additionally, the bathroom floor had pinkish stains, and was quite old. It was of poor quality and I expected better. On the bright side, there was complimentary nuts for guests.



Of course, being located in Waikiki it was filled with families and couples, ranging in all ages. Their large pool and sprawled out bar area caters to adults, with their live entertainment encouraging along.



We passed on the breakfast due to being full but it did look good, as well as the dinner buffet. Perhaps next time if I come here I’ll try the breakfast.



This fitness center was satisfactory, and the pool was very large.



At check-out I listed my issues with the property and service, and they told me they’d do better and would comp my resort fee to make up for the problems mentioned. I haven’t seen it yet, and I absolutely hate that I had to follow up, since they should make it right on their own. I most likely would come back to Waikiki more often, but only for the Hilton due to my status and credits. Or, I’ll check out the other Starwood properties available in Waikiki, such as the Royal Hawaiian.

Lastly, I checked out their timeshare desk here, for Marriott’s Ko Olina resort. They have shuttles (60+min) each way, for $100 gift, which isn’t worth it.



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