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Highlights: InterContinental San Francisco

My experience here was not the best – but very reminiscent of the time in the InterContinental New York Times Square. This was before I started my blog, but both times remind me of an upscale hotel with service and quality issues. However, this is only the second time I have stayed in a hotel in San Francisco. What I will remember is that they tried to nickel and dime us for everything. I might stay here again in the future, but I am sure there are other, better options.





It’s a small, intimate lobby, with open hallways extending to a concierge, hotel bar, lounge area, and the guest floor elevators. Very comfortable with nice and modern décor.



Although they called the room an upgrade, it seemed like a very basic room. It did have a nice view of San Francisco, and the nice fruit and chocolate amenity was a great personal touch.

However, there was no microwave or usable refrigerator in the room – just a minibar. Borrowing one or the other would cost $30. I was not clear if that was per day, but that’s a bit excessive. I have found the “nicer” hotels to be more devoid in terms of basic items, since they cater to upscale or business clients rather than families.

Internet was included. They have a very interesting doorbell system and no physical do not disturb sign, rather a control panel on the inside of the door.

We also scheduled housekeeping service, but they were about 20 minutes late and required multiple calls to guest services. Not sure why I had to keep asking about it, even though we confirmed it previously, but perhaps it was a lapse in their communication.

Lastly, the night service to refresh the water and provide chocolates was a nice touch.



Hotel Space / Ambiance

As mentioned before, the InterContinental San Francisco caters to business travelers, with its luxurious layout and fancy décor. We saw many people in suits and business attire. There is a very nice looking bar on the ground floor.


Food & Drink

We did not partake in eating in the InterContinental San Francisco, other than the fruit and water welcome amenity. We had pizza delivered, and needed to borrow a microwave from housekeeping for a few minutes to heat up leftovers. A very cumbersome and annoying process, but I’ll be damned before I pay $30 to have a microwave sent up to my room. Nor did they have a communal one available for use by guests. They did not have a refrigerator, and so we ended up throwing away a quarter of the (very expensive) pizza.

Also – they charge for silverware ($4 per setting) to be brought up to the room. Nickel and dime, as I said.



The gym is on the 6th floor, with a cool looking advanced water filtration system in the water cooler. However, the key system was broken and we had to wait for a hotel associate to let us in. A minor annoyance.

Next to the fitness center is a small lap pool with three lanes. On the floor is a public access balcony, as well as a spa with additional services.

Pizza and a View

Pizza and a View



The InterContinental San Francisco has a very sharp and sleek looking umbrella available for guest use in the room – and for purchase ($25). It has a decent location near the touristy downtown of San Francisco. However, it is not exactly in the best of areas (5th and Howard) and close to the sketchy Tenderloin – so do not wander too far east. Convenient to Yerba Buena cultural center, Metreon, the Westfield Mall, Chinatown, and Moscone Center, it is a decent fit for tourists and business travelers alike. There are excellent views over the San Francisco skyline from the hotel hallways and guest rooms.

Based on this experience and my past InterContinental experience, I find it hard to justify use of my Chase Free Night Award on a third InterContinental stay. So far, they are 0 for 2 to approach anything even close to expectations.


Featured Image of the view of the nice lobby bar – one I hope to have in my future house.


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