My regular check-ins at airport lounges mentioning Champagne elicited an interesting comment from a friend of mine recently. Conversation was around my upcoming travel and I was being eager about something or other and he came out with, “I think I understand now – you count the whole flying experience as part of your holiday!”

He totally got it – once I am on the bus to the airport I am in holiday mode. Usually I am lucky enough to skip through airport security nice and fast and then it is into the lounge which means…

Champagne O’Clock!

Some airline lounges offer Champagne and the British Airways First Class lounge at London Heathrow has a self-service Champagne bar. The quality of the drink is decent enough so it’s always nice to have a glass or two before flying. Nothing helps make the start of a trip more special! However, it begs the question, is there a time when it is too early to have a drink?

Anywhere, Anytime!

Personally I am a firm believer that Champagne is appropriate at any time of the day. When I happen to be flying during breakfast time in business class, I always order some bubbles to go with my breakfast. It is just a great experience to be sipping away while high above the clouds.

Naturally having a drink in the evening is more socially acceptable, so some people frown upon those drinking in the morning or the middle of the day. I think people heading on holidays should get a free pass when it comes to having a drink when flying.

Overall Thoughts

When there are no bubbles available I will usually stick to juice or water so I am not a total lush despite what it may seem. That being said, I would be interested to hear your opinion on the matter. Are you a person who is happy for others to have a drink whenever it suits them if it is available? Alternatively are you someone who believes alcohol should be confined to the evening and night? Thank you for reading and please leave your comments or questions below.

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Featured image by Alex Holyoake via Unsplash.