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HIGHLIGHTS: iClub Fortress Hill, Hong Kong, SAR China

This hotel is a short jaunt from Fortress Hill metro station, and is an excellent functional hotel. We did not participate in the breakfast offered, but their competitive rates and simple clean room worked well for us. Their bathroom was particularly interesting with a dual-use door, and their great location combined with low rates warrants a second stay should I need it.



Lobby is on the third floor, as the entrance is off the main road. They have an actual desk where their associates sit, and chairs for you as you check in. Very pristine lobby area, with a back seating area for breakfast and tea.



We had a basic room, very small, as it is Asia, with not more than a stand shower, small desk, low bed, and mounted flatscreen. A nice view on a very high floor, overlooking Hong Kong, as well. The bed was particularly firm – something I think is the norm in the country. While the bathroom is small and cramped, I enjoyed the raised sink as well as their interesting bathroom door, which doubles as a shower door. Very economical



Its proximity to local train and bus stations catered well to professionals as well as families, with a very young vibe. It was bustling at times, where I had to wait to check in.



A light breakfast was included in the stay, however we made plans to eat with family and thus I did not get to sample.


Sweat Zone example from iClub Website


They have what is called a “sweat zone” outside of the lobby, in a grassy area, consisting of one bike, treadmill, medicine balls, and free weights. Good enough for a couple people but not much more than that.



I originally had booked another hotel however it got poor reviews and my lady recommended against it. This iClub was recommended by her family and so it was a good, economical choice. I would definitely stay here again should I come back to Hong Kong, however I want to sample the brands I am much more familiar with, closer to the main “downtown” livelier area of Hong Kong island. Also note it’s a street off the main street, where you can hail cabs or catch busses to the shuttle station to the airport. Very efficient.



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