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Family Pool - from Hotel Website

Family Pool – from Hotel Website

Highlights: Hyatt Regency Orlando

This fantastic behemoth has everything I’d want in a luxury hotel. A wonderfully large, spacious lobby, with several eateries, good wifi, and nice amenities. They have a great location with a nice mall nearby and convention center next door. It is more of a “resort” with both kids and adult pools, as well as a resort-style waterpark slide. The gym is spacious and segmented – weights, cardio, and dedicated workout room.

Clearly designed for large groups and business travelers, the Hyatt Regency served its purpose well and I hope to come back soon.



It’s large. Like can fit a basketball court in there large. Two separate towers with different elevator banks. Very nice, high ceilings, with cucumber water and concierge on the opposite side.

On the left side is closer to the bar / pool area, and the fitness center. The right side is closer to the restaurant, café, eatery, and convention space.




This was a standard room, but had an excellent view of what I assumed to be the adult pool. Two double beds, with very interesting features – motion activated nightlights in the bathroom and nightstand. Handy if you have to get around in the dark!

Internet was free/included, and required no login. However, this could be due to the Platinum status we have with Hyatt, from the Chase Card.

There were some issues with the room, however. Creaking in the room sounded like door knocks, and there were also random thundering sounds outside which sounded like construction that went on for a while, yet I could not locate the source of those sounds. A minor issue, but annoying nonetheless.


Hotel Space / Ambiance

It is relatively close to Universal Studios and Disneyland, but there are better options. Most likely this is for large groups and caters to business travelers, as well as large conventions and events. It is directly located across from the Orlando convention center. I mostly saw people in suits busily hurrying from one thing to the next.


Food & Drink

We ate in their eatery once, where the food was decent but slightly overpriced. However, it is a hotel, and it is Orlando, and so I would recommend eating at the nearby Pointe mall which has a variety of shops and restaurants.

Additionally, the Hyatt Regency Orlando has a steakhouse and upscale restaurant but we did not partake there. There is also a happy hour with some interesting hors d’oeuvre options.




We could see the pool from our window, and there was also a larger resort pool on the opposite side. I only went to the gym, which has a nice segmentation of cardio, weights and machines, and a workout room. However, it may be a bit small for a hotel of this size (1,639 guestrooms).



The hotel has free bus passes for the International Drive (or I-drive) trolley, which goes up and down to the two outlet malls nearby. The Pointe mall is about a five minute walk northbound, which has excellent restaurants, shops, and experience stores. I walked there every day to explore it and partake in several dining promotions available. All in all, the Hyatt Regency Orlando serves its purpose as a large functional hotel and convention center, and I would be happy to stay here again.

Note: Ra Sushi in the Pointe Mall, near the Hyatt Regency Orlando, has an excellent half-birthday promotion for $20 every year. Additionally you get $10 off a shareable plate upon signup. Can’t stack the offers, but makes for a lot of free food.


Featured Image of the view of the pool – not the kids one!


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