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Highlights: Casa Madrona Hotel and Spa, Sausalito, California

This cute, quaint boutique hotel nestled off the 101 freeway and some windy roads near the coast was an interesting experience. While the service was adequate at best, we forgot some things in the room, which the staff promptly either lost or took for themselves. Nothing expensive, just a computer charger and box of face masks (due to the California wildfires) but it irked me all the same that they said that nothing turned up. Most likely, housekeeping took it for themselves. While it served its purpose of being a place to crash, the room was nothing special, and also super stuffy, most likely due to the poor air quality.



The lobby main doors were closed, and check in was through a smaller door to the left. With the staff wearing face masks as well, we checked in quickly and made our way up. Valet parking was $30/day with in and out privileges, while self parking was $26 with no in or out privileges.



Room was pretty basic – an ADA room, with large, spacious bathroom and shower. The room had a nice view of some beautiful architecture on the other side of the hotel, as well as a lounge area down below.



This caters to both business travelers as well as young couples looking for an escape from the big city, as it is just over the Golden Gate bridge in Sausalito.

Hotel and Spa Exterior from hotel site

Poggio food from hotel website



Their restaurant, Poggio Trattoria, looks to have nice views and fancy Italian food. We decided to eat outside so didn’t participate here.



Due to the smoke I decided against working out, but their fitness room is small (by the picture online).

Fitness Room, from hotel website



For the most part, it was a forgettable stay, with the very frustrating experience coming afterwards having denied finding any masks or my charger. Although they said if they would find anything they would contact me, they have not done so as of yet. Additionally, they forgot to send an email folio or printed one at check-out, requiring an additional call to get that receipt. Not sure what happened there, but had I known about my experience I would have cancelled my stay for a full refund.

Lastly, we ate outside the hotel at Sushi Ran, an upscale sushi restaurant known for having fresh fish delivered daily from Tokyo. It was a delicious experience and I would go back for more.



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