An island called St. Helena is located in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean. To say it is difficult to get to is an understatement, though it is easier nowadays as they have an airport. Therefore it is big news when an Airbus A318 visits Saint Helena!

I have written about the airport on St. Helena before, as I found a wonderful documentary about it on YouTube. The Airbus A318 visiting the facility is actually the first Airbus to ever land there.

An Airbus A318 Visits St. Helena

Titan Airways is a UK airline which specialises in short term charters and leases. Where an ad hoc service is required, they are one of the go to outfits for this kind of work.

The airline has a single Airbus A318 which came from British Airways. Coincidentally, it is the same one I flew on board when I took the exclusive all business class BA1 flight from London City to New York via Shannon.

Last week, the aircraft was sent to St. Helena to deliver Covid-19 test kits, medical supplies and additional medical workers. In doing so, it became the very first Airbus to visit the airport.

Above is a ten minute video showing the plane in action. Not only does it land and deliver its passengers, it then goes on a training flight to conduct a series of take-offs and landings for crew training.

Overall Thoughts

As the Airbus A318 visits Saint Helena, the regular service operated by Airlink in South Africa is currently suspended due to the pandemic. This leaves the people of St. Helena island with no flights to the outside world.

You can read the full story about the photos and video in this article on What The Saints Did Next. While people may complain about being cut off due to pandemic restrictions, I think it may be a little more difficult for remote communities like St. Helena. Or perhaps they find it easier as they’re more used to it. Who can say!

What did you think of the video of the Airbus A318? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Bruno Geiger via ZRH-Spotter on Twitter.