Do you consider TripAdvisor, Expedia, Yelp or perhaps SeatGuru to be your No. 1 digital tool when trekking in and out of airports, hotels and/or rental car agencies?

According to the just-released “Best in Business Travel” readers’ survey from Travel + Leisure and Fortune, the “No. 1” title goes to…Google Maps. Interestingly, TripAdvisor didn’t make the list.

Travel + Leisure also surveyed readers about their most frustrating parts of air travel, such as annoying passengers.

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Most Important Digital Tools
1.Google Maps (53%)*
2.Kayak (22%)
3.Expedia (21%)
4.Yelp (17%)
5.Skype (15%)
6.SeatGuru (14%)
7.Orbitz (12%)
8.Tripit (8%)
9.Uber (7%)
10.GateGuru (4%)

Readers: What do you consider to be your most common go-to digital tool when on the road, and why?