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This stay had its ups and downs. On the plus side, we got all the resort fees waived and an extra $75 food credit on top of the $150 included in my package (Net ~$90 out of pocket for four nights, as two were comped!). Other highlights include discovery of 2(!) new Advantage Play Games, which I may or may not review in the future, but we used to make several hundred dollars. This was me taking out my parents, so they stayed with me and really enjoyed their experience.



Again, they had their ridiculous kiosk system, but they closed off the area where I checked in before! This was frustrating to begin – and only got worse. I flagged a supervisor who said he’d help me merge my two (back to back) reservations, and then walked off and never returned. Finally I just checked into my first one and had to call guest services. Not sure why there is an unmarked assistance area that I didn’t discover until later – the initial people I asked said kiosk only. I get you’re trying to save money and such, but respect your status-holders (not sure they even have a diamond area) and make it easier for god’s sake.



No upgrade. Basic two queens, on a nonsmoking floor that reeks of smoke in the elevators and hallways. Super dusty and uncomfortable. I swear, hotel pillows have just gone to hell and are lumpy or soggy messes. After two nights it got unbearable (I was in the room with my N95 particle respirator) so I went to the front desk I discovered and told them the situation, where they comped a room change to a “stay well?” room on a higher floor, replete with air purifiers and such. This one was much nicer – multiple air filters, better hallways, where you can really breathe and enjoy yourself. I’d come back if I could guarantee this room for myself, as it was a pleasant experience.



As it was Decembertime, plenty of families and revelers about. They are continuing to renovate and (at the time) the buzz was about Eataly, which has since opened.

View of Park



Update 5/5/19: There is a full review of the new (2019) Best Friend by Roy Choi restaurant in Park MGM here!


Just had the Starbucks on the ground floor. I save my food credit to eat at nicer places in Aria, or leverage MyVegas to get more food at Wolfgang Puck in the Crystal Shops. All of these I paid with the food credit which came with my stay package ($150) or from customer service issues ($75). Gratuities I covered with a separate Mlife gift card I got at a 4% discount. So much food, it was hard to fit it all in.

Cucina in Crystal Shops is here – plenty of buy one get one coupons at MyVegas, and you can stack the coupons with food credit at MGM properties!

One of my favorites is Lemongrass at Aria – I’ve eaten there plenty of times before.



Gym is the same, and I walked a ton during my trip. Got to walk off all the food I got!



We found some high-limit versions of our favorite slot games in Park MGM, and discovered two new ones as well as I mentioned. While there are a decent number of machines to play, you have to fight off the ravenous lurkers and locals to get them, so pickings were pretty slim. Unless the room is comped or we’re able to secure the staywell floor, I may not come back to Park MGM. The location however is excellent, with its proximity to the south end of the strip in Aria, Cosmopolitan, etc.

Lastly, I would also highly recommend Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak, and Stone Crab – very delicious. Very expensive, but pretty good.



Featured Image of the a lobster roll from Joe’s. Yes, it’s not from Park MGM, but it was my highlight. Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links which, should you click through and/or make a purchase, grant me a commission. Also, I only post in the best interest of my readers. Lastly, thank you for supporting my blog and my travels. 

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