I flew from Taipei Taoyuan International Airport back home to Los Angeles on EVA Air in Business Class. Long before I started doing flight reviews and blogging, my first ever business class experience was with Eva Air. This was about 4 years ago and I don’t remember too much but I’m was eager to try them again on this flight.

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The Boeing 777 is configured in a 1-2-1 seat configuration which is great because it gives you direct aisle access and you’re able to move freely without disturbing other your next door neighbor. Upon finding my seat in the second section of business class, I was greeted with a warm welcome and offered complimentary champagne and a Godiva chocolate.

a glass of wine on a tray with a newspaper and a paper on the table

Pre-Departure Drink

Seat Controls

Eva Air 777 Business Class Compartment

Side Compartment and Controls

The seat controls and tv remote were located on my right side. It had two USB ports and one power outlet to help me charge my electronics throughout the flight. I must say the TV remote is one of the nicest I’ve come across in Business Class, the LCD screen is very clear and responsive. It makes me feel I’m holding my old PlayStation PSP.

Next, to that, there is a side compartment to hold any loose items during your flight. I find this convenient because on other seat configurations, there are different compartments in different locations and I’m always paranoid that I will forget something when I’m leaving.

a room with a television and a refrigerator

Lower Bottom View

On the bottom left corner, there is a compartment that rises up. This is intended to give you an armrest while sitting and some privacy when you sleep. Another compartment on the lower bottom can hold your shoes or a small purse.

Eva Air 777 Business Class Slippers

Slippers that fit! (Size 12 US in shoes)

I feel like Cinderella every time I try on the slippers in Business Class. I was surprised when I tried Eva Air’s slippers and my feet actually fit in them. More often than none, my feet are too big and my heels hang over the end when I walk. It’s not a deal breaker for me if my feet don’t fit but I appreciate the small things when comparing Business Class products among other airlines.

Amenity Kit

Now, I might sound bias here because I have two Rimowa suitcases but I have to say Eva Air has the best amenity kits in the world. I love the Rimowa theme kits, I just have to keep flying with them to get a matching set with my suitcase. Inside, I received the standard items found in amenity kits.

Eva Air Business Class Amenity Kit

Rimowa Amenity Kit

Eva Air 777 Business Class Rimowa Amenity Kit

Rimowa Amenity Kit

Travel Tip: Eva Air rotates the colors of their Rimowa amenity kit seasonally.

Meal Service

Eva Air 777 Business Class Appetizer

Smoked salmon with sesame on a zucchini slice and saffron flavored mashed potato with caviar in a mini tart.

Eva Air 777 Business Class Meal 1

Goose liver, cajun spiced scallop topped with shrimp roes and a caramelized fig jelly apple along with a garden vegetable salad

Eva Air 777 Business Class Soup

Apple and Turnip Soup with mixed seafood

Eva Air 777 Business Class Main Course

USDA prime fillet with crystal pink salt with mixed vegetables and potatoes with rosemary

The steak was cooked medium which is better than the well-done steaks I’ve had in the past with other airlines.

Eva Air Business Class Deseert

Cherry Cheesecake


I was really impressed with the pillow Eva Air provides, it’s not a foam pillow but it was heavily cushioned to give me a good night rest. I’ve flown 10 different business and first class products last year you and I have to say Eva Air has the best blanket out there. The blanket felt like something I would use back home. It was weighted down but not too thick. It kept me warm when the cabin got a bit too cold for me.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I was blown away with Eva Air business class product. I don’t remember how good their product was 4 years ago but I was sure happy this time around. The food quality was excellent and well prepared. The flight attendants made sure I was taken care of throughout the whole flight. It almost felt like I was flying First Class with how attentive the flight attendants were. The bedding Eva Air provides is the best in the Trans-Pacific route I’ve taken. I’ve flown with American Airlines, United, Delta, JAL, and Cathay Pacific from Los Angeles to Asia and hands down my flight experience with Eva Air is my favorite and go to airline now to cross the Pacific.