This is the beginning of my trip to New York/Toronto/Chicago. I will continue to post the rest of my trip! As I write this, I’m in my Toronto hotel room (The Omni King Edward) which is a very comfortable place to stay I may add. More on the King Edward in the upcoming weeks.

The flight from Santa Ana/John Wayne to Atlanta was one of three daily nonstop flights that Delta offers. This was the only flight that had seat back entertainment.

Major Plus!

On a side note, I would have preferred to take a nonstop from LAX, but this was the only flight available on the day at the 12,500 SkyMiles level.

But that’s not a problem 🙂

Flight Details:

Delta 1757
Santa Ana (SNA) to Atlanta (ATL)
Seat: 33A
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200

Delta 504
Atlanta (ATL) to Newark (EWR)
Seat: 20A
Aircraft: MD-88

The Flight (SNA-ATL):

Short Review (score out of 5, 5 being the best)

Plane Atmosphere 4/5
Service In- Flight 4/5
In- Flight Amenities 5/5
Seat Comfort 4/5

Boarding the flight was a mess as it is so narrow to board a flight at John Wayne Airport! There was no “line” and passengers made a snake like pattern to get on the flight. Thankfully all the passengers were calm and orderly. I guess the 12 PM flight allowed everyone to catch up on some well needed beauty rest for a travel day ahead.

Biggest Bird at John Wayne Airport. (Due to the short runway of 5,701 feet)

Fun fact: Biggest Passenger Plane (Bird) at John Wayne Airport. Due to the short runway of 5,701 feet.

The plane was recently renovated spotting Delta’s new cushions and the in flight entertainment screens were the newer black screens as well. Mood lighting illuminated the walls in a blue/purple fashion. Delta who did you take mood lighting from?

*cough Virgin America*

No mood lighting

No mood lighting

Mood lighting

Mood lighting

The flight left promptly on time and the in flight entertainment (Delta Studio) offered a lot of movies, tv shows and music. Delta has made all entertainment options complimentary now.

Gogo inflight wifi was avaible on this flight and you could purchase a “messaging pass” where you could only use messaging apps for $2, 30 minute pass for $8 or a flight pass for $27.95. Pretty darn sure you could purchase these before the flight for a much lower price.


Leather Seats

I enjoyed the flight. The legroom was good and the seat comfort on par for a 4 hour flight. The cabin service came twice which was nice as I only expected one service. The snacks offered were pretzels, peanuts and Biscoff cookies.

Cranberry Juice and Ginger Ale (Try it!!!) and pretzels + peanuts

Cranberry Juice and Ginger Ale (Try it!!!) and pretzels + peanuts. I first tried the drink in Hawaii when the flight attendant felt bad that all the passengers in first were offered Mai Tai’s. So she put cranberry juice with ginger ale and pineapple juice for me. But on regular flights they don’t stock pineapple juice so I just do the cranberry juice + ginger ale mix 🙂

You won’t be dissapointed with my drink combination. Well I hope.

The Flight (ATL-EWR):

Short Review (score out of 5, 5 being the best)

Plane Atmosphere 3/5
Service In- Flight 4/5
In- Flight Amenities 2/5
Seat Comfort 3.5/5

My expectations for this flight were low.  An old MD-88 was operating it and I was a bit worried on what to expect.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t that bad. New seat cushions brightened up the cabin and the legroom was comfortable for a 2 hour flight. There was one beverage service.

Cabin (leather seats) sorry I didn't take a front view...

Cabin (leather seats) sorry I didn’t take a front view…

You could stream entertainment to your device but the Delta app player isn’t working so you can/need to download the New Gogo entertainment player app. Wifi was about $15 (not sure on exact number…forgot to screenshot) for the whole flight as it was a short two hour flight.

Btw: Since the engines are on the rear of the MD-88 if you sit in the middle of the front it is really quiet!

The Verdict:

I really like the updated Delta’s 757 with inflight screens and new cushions. The MD-88 was better than I thought it would be.