Over the last few days, Delta rolled out an updated version of its smartphone apps. I just picked it up on the iTunes app store last night.


Most useful in this update is the addition of the ability to view seatmaps and select seats during the booking process. This fixes a big problem for the app in my book. Yay!


On the other hand, there’s still one annoyance with the app that makes me crazy. Let’s say you shop for flights one-way from ATL to DCA. Want to shop in reverse? Put DCA in the origination box, and this happens.



You wind up needing to input a third city, one that you don’t want to fly to, in one of the boxes so you can change it to the cities you want IF you are trying to search for flights in the same two markets in reverse. Dear Delta, please fix. What other improvements do you wish Delta and other airlines for that matter would make with their smartphone apps?

-MJ, April 4, 2015