Delta Air Lines announced today that it will move its popular @DeltaAssist Twitter customer service function to the company’s main Twitter account, @Delta. (Feature logo image courtesy of Delta)

“We are committed to listening, caring and connecting with our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” said Charisse Evans, Delta’s Vice President – Reservation Sales and Customer Care. “By incorporating @DeltaAssist into @Delta, our customers will have one source for in-the-moment assistance before, during and after their travels, along with access to Delta updates, travel tips and much more.”

It is unclear if the @DeltaAssist handle will be deleted at some point, but its profile page is already referring travelers to @Delta, as is a Tweet at the top of the page.

delta assist, delta, @deltaassist, @delta

My Take

As long as it doesn’t impact the genuinely good support I’ve received from @DeltaAssist, I’m all for it. In fact, I like the move a lot. I think it’s easier and less confusing for customers to have just one Twitter feed to interact with and look to for information and assistance.

delta assist, @deltaassist, @delta

Logo image courtesy of Delta

-MJ, April 4, 2016