This is an update of a post from 10/9/17 that was targeted. The current offer is now open to all residents of California!

Updated offer from Southwest on 10/19! All California residents are now eligible – sign up for your Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card, make a purchase, and get a Companion Pass!




You can also stack with the Rapid Rewards points – earn 40,000 points after $1,000 spend in 3 months! Check your email for details.

  1. Open (new) Credit Card
  2. Make Purchase
  3. Get Companion Pass (within 8 weeks)



This is limited to California residents, so if you are one of the lucky 39.25 million people, then be sure to sign up for this promotion!

  • Offer ends 11/30/17, with Companion Pass being valid through end of 2018.
  • $69 annual fee applied to first billing statement – no waiving of first year fee
  • Does not include standard taxes/fees of $5.60 each way – however this should be expected with every flight.
  • Interesting enough, you can still “earn” the Pass with 100 one-way flights or 100,000 points, and then your pass will be extended to end of 2019!


If Companion Pass is earned by flying 100 qualifying one-way flights or earning 110,000 qualifying points in the calendar year while qualified for promotional Companion Pass through December 31, 2018, the regular Companion Pass qualifications will supersede the promotional Companion Pass, entitling the Member to Companion Pass through December 31, 2019



As this BOGO works for all Southwest flights, both paid and points, it’s a great deal. This doubles the value of redeemed Southwest points on a Companion flight from about ~1.8cpp to ~3.6cpp. So, the initial bonus of 40,000 points equates to over $1,200! What a fantastic redemption. Perhaps they are feeling the squeeze from Virgin’s acquisition by Alaska airlines, increasing concentration in the West Coast. Or, perhaps they’re struggling against JetBlue’s free Mosaic status for the rest of 2017. Either way, it’s a welcome sight to have this promotion (for those who are 5/24 Chase eligible, at least). I’m a bit sad I cannot take advantage of this, but that shouldn’t stop any of you!

Note that annually you’ll earn 3,000 Southwest points, in exchange for your $69 annual fee. Those are worth about 1.6-1.8cpp, so about $50, making your net cost of maintaining this card about $20. That’s reasonable, to have access to Southwest generation (if you don’t already have Chase Ink/Reserve etc).

The link is now available!


Featured Image is of a plane from pixabay. This is an update of a post from 10/9/17 that was targeted. The current offer is now open to all residents of CaliforniaHat-tip to my dear friend Jennifer for the info!  Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links which, should you click through and/or make a purchase, grant me a commission. Also, I only post in the best interest of my readers. Lastly, thank you for supporting my blog and my travels. 

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