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Europe is reopening, but it’s not quite as straightforward. As more countries around the world are figuring out ways to reopen for tourism, the steps in the process seem to be more complicated than expected previously. Here are some of the stories we covered this week.

Europe is reopening for tourists, but when can you travel?

Even during normal times, international travel can be a lot more complicated than domestic travel. It involves a complex web of government regulations, visa restrictions and other specifications. In these times, as countries seek to reopen, many are having a quick rethink about how they should go about it. This post provides information about some other reopening dates certain European countries have announced.

You can also refer to this resource for a country-by-country list of restrictions. Again, the situation is fluid and we’re bound to see these lists updated as and when governments around the world announce changes.

Is the travel industry co-opting the black lives matter movement?

In this post, I discuss whether the travel industry and brands in general are serious about societal change as they participate in the black lives matter movement. It’s one thing to tweet support for the movement, but are their policies at a corporate level fair and equitable enough? I also explore the branding aspect of this as certain brands voice their opinion, while other simply stay silent.

Here’s how to get a retention offer for a card

As the economy continues to be dodgy, many people are giving their credit card portfolios a rethink. In this post, I discuss strategies that you can use to instead request a retention for your card.

Travel may be down, but credit card fraud is on the rise

As travel numbers remain down compared to historical data, a disturbing number is on the rise. We’re seeing an increase in the number of cases related to credit card and loyalty program account fraud.

New device claims to curb Covid-19 spread on an airplane

Not too long ago, we were seeing airlines squeeze more and more seats into an airplane. Now, with social distancing as the new normal, airlines are looking at new devices and shields to convince customers to fly again, especially in economy class. The new shield, yet to be approved by regulators, claims that it would help curtail the spread of Covid-19 during flight.


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