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Last year, we saw airlines research new seating models in order to fit more people into an airplane. Therefore, airplane seating was getting even more congested not. However, Covid-19 has totally changed the way airlines and passengers alike are now thinking about economy seating. As the travel industry gradually reopens, we’re seeing many companies test out new models and measures to add more layers of safety during travel.

Airplane Travel Post Covid-19

Post Covid-19, many travelers have been largely reticent in quickly resuming travel. In response, airlines and hotels have come up with new safety and cleaning standards. In certain cases, they’ve also left the middle seats empty. However, this report by CNN Travel sheds light on how some is research is now being done to look at how Covid-19 spread could be curbed in an economy class setting.

British aircraft interior company RAS Completions says its new personal protection shield could help protect fliers from Covid-19. The shield, says RAS Completions, is designed to be installed between seats and doesn’t involve taking the middle seat out of action. The Personal Protection Window is currently seeking approval from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the company says it’ll be ready for airline customers within the next couple weeks.

RAS Completions asserts that the shields, made from transparent polycarbonate, can protect passengers from the risk of droplet transmission. Eventually, they intend to develop a product that fits every kind of aircraft.

The Pundit’s Mantra

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has still not approved RAS Completions’ design. At the moment, we’re seeing many companies research and look for options to help make airline travel safer. The IATA, which represents the airline industry, has already come out strongly against dropping the middle seat.

The airlines are caught in a bit of a quandary here. On one hand, they want to convince customers that it’s safe to travel in an airplane. However, while social distancing is needed, selling fewer seats will only gut airline revenue further. Nevertheless, airplane seating is definitely likely to undergo changes post Covid-19 in the short term.

Also, it may be many weeks or even months before we see regulators approve any of these devices as a certified and credible method to curb the spread of covid-19.

Will these new devices or shields convince you to fly in economy class the next time you travel? Tell us in the comments section.


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