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International travel can often be a complicated process. As much as we love it, it’s often a complex web of restrictions, regulations and paperwork. Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen a few countries relax restrictions on international travel. Most recently, Singapore resumed transit flights. As the world slowly gets back on its feet, many frequent travelers are now wondering about which country would be reopening next. A summer trip to Europe looks unlikely, but if you’re planning one for Fall or later, then this report provides a few hints regarding the gradualĀ  and phased reopening.

Reopening Europe for Travel

This report by Euronews provides data pertaining to when many countries in Europe intend to reopen travel. Please refer to the entire article here in order for specific information based on your location and your citizenship/passport status.

Country Re-opening Date
Austria 4th June
Belgium 15th June
Bulgaria 1st June
Croatia 11th May
Cyprus 9th June
Estonia 1st June
Finaland 14th June
France 15th June
Germany 15th June
Greece 15th June
Iceland 15th June
Italy 3rd June
Slovenia May 15th
Spain 22nd June
Switzerland June 15th
UK June 8th


Most of the countries in the list are reopening for citizens of neighboring countries, EU citizens or residents. If this initial phase is successful, we could well see the next phase allow citizens from non-EU countries. In addition to travel restrictions, many countries are also imposing mandatory quarantine or isolation requirements. For example, the UK has opened for outside visitors, but they’re subject to a mandatory 14 day quarantine.

The Pundit’s Mantra

It’s great see many countries reopening their borders for travel. In the upcoming days and weeks, we’ll see more countries make frequent updates to the list. The global situation with Covid-19 is constantly developing, so we’re likely to see more updates in the coming weeks. Also, as I wrote earlier, we’re seeing countries primarily opening up travel from neighboring countries. Once the experiment is successful, we’ll gradually see international travel open up in full swing.

In the meanwhile, you can also track country by country restrictions that I’ve covered in this post. The tool is pretty handy as you can simply click on the country of your choice and get the updated travel restrictions.

When and where do you plan to make your next international trip? Tell us in the comments section.


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