Food, glorious food. Flying without eating is anathema to me, as I touched upon here. British Airways have announced new on board catering for the next few months.

It is better than the plastic grab bag of doom of the last few months. The new on board catering is a step up, but, to use a popular phrase in the aviation press, that improvement is from a very low base.

What Will I Get In The Next Few Months?

Depending on your point of view, economy class passengers are arguably the winners here. People flying within Europe no longer have access to the M&S Buy On Board menu. Instead it’s back to the future for EuroTraveller, with a complimentary bottle of water and some crisps, pretzels or popcorn. No alcoholic drinks will be available.

Those flying in long-haul economy class, so World Traveller and World Traveller Plus, will get a cold meal. This will comprise of a salad, dessert, water and a sandwich. Alcoholic beverages will return, which should help make a flight more passable for drinkers.

How About Business and First?

For Club World business class, it’s cold options presented in a box. It appears to be just a slightly nicer quality of food. Just like during the pandemic, a hot snack or second meal will be served. This will be a pizza or Panini, so the offering is still somewhat behind the usual.

First Class passengers will also get meals in a box, however they will get hot main dishes. These look somewhat like the usual business class hot items.

Of course, the same catering company is responsible for this interim offering. Do&Co produce decent quality food, so there will be no reduction in that area. Just on the style and type of the food, not to mention the Coronavirus friendly, but perhaps not so environmentally friendly, disposable everything.

Overall Thoughts

It’s British Airways, but not as we know it. While the boxes are pretty, it is all still quite basic. What the hell does “Enjoy your menu” mean, by the way? Since a menu is, by definition, a list of dishes available, I’m not entirely sure the BA usage is correct.

This will be the norm for the next few months for devotees of the English airline. Foodies would want to look at other oneworld alliance airlines, some of whom are serving a virtually unchanged on board service.

What do you think of the new British Airways meals? Will this make a difference to your choice of airline over the next few months? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image via British Airways.
Meal images via Head For Points.