People who fly a lot have the dubious distinction of having been to the airport of a particular city, but not to the city itself. With the hub and spoke model that is popular in places such as the USA, I imagine this is pretty common.

I do wonder if people count having touched the airport as actually having visited the country. Being in transit probably doesn’t count, but if you arrive, stay overnight in an airport hotel and leave again, have you been there?

Where I’ve Been To The Airport But Not The City

Auckland, New Zealand springs to mind. I’ve flown through Auckland on the way to Sydney from Doha and Los Angeles and never seen the city. I did overnight in an airport hotel once, but it remains one that sticks in my mind, probably as it was my first one.

The USA is easy pickings for places where I’ve been to the airport only. Charlotte and Phoenix are ones I’ve passed through and Dallas Fort/Worth is another, though I stayed in an airport hotel. No prizes for guessing which airline I fly when I’m stateside.

In Asia, the only city I spent in transit is Taipai in Taiwan. Heading over to Europe, and I have never been to Madrid, though I’ve been through the airport a couple of times.

Budapest in Hungary is the same, though I did leave the airport for a walk around as my connection was quite long. I went to Prague just to get a flight back to the USA on a cheap fare. Luxembourg and Lyon were for first class lounge access, though I did overnight. The most recent was Zurich in Switzerland. I think that’s my entire list.

Overall Thoughts

While not too extensive, a lot of the places on the list are destination cities that a person should visit. Having only been to the airport is to miss out on all the vibrant culture a city and its associated country has.

At the same time, I am not too bothered by it. The cities aren’t going anywhere, and while great, they are not places that would be high on my must do travel list.

Have you visited many places where you’ve just been to the airport? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Pascal Meier on Unsplash.
Charlotte image by Intelqual via Wikimedia Commons.