World’s 40 Best Neighbourhoods – Wild About Travel

Sadly, I’ve only been to two. This is a great list, highlighting some neighborhoods that are a little more off the beaten path/tourist circuit, although they are still generally in larger cities.

British Airways Bids Farewell to Last Boeing 747’s With Rare Dual Takeoff on Parallel Runways – Paddle Your Own Kanoo

It’s hard to believe that British Airways has retired all their Boeing 747-400s. Once the staple of their long-haul fleet, they were still the largest operator of 747s among passenger airlines. Now I believe the title goes to Lufthansa, although they are retiring their 747-400s as well.

Qatar Airways to add San Francisco to its network – Economy Class and Beyond

This is amazing news! I’ve always looked at LAX as the closest option for flying Qatar. Looks like the new service will be operated by a QSuites-configured aircraft.

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