Bars in airport lounges are always a welcome sight with their array of international and local drinks. Recently I visited 9 lounges in 7 airports in 3 continents from 4 airlines. Some surprises, both good and bad.

Firstly, is it OK to drink before 5PM? Thats up to you. Global airlines do not want to mother you. And cater to intercontinental travellers flying across different time zones, they offer you the tipple all day. As they say, it is always 5 o’clock somewhere!

The Best

1. Virgin Clubhouse at JFK.

This was a truly awesome looking bar with a wide array of drinks, a superb setting and bar counter. You can see the wines on the left, the light coloured spirits in the middle and the dark ones on the left. And the swooping curve of the counter.



Some lounges also offer cocktails, specially the First Class ones. Virgin though make a point of telling you. See their menu.


2. Lufthansa Senator Lounge Munich

This was another swanky one, with its impressive array, including those unique to Germany and Bavaria. Less appealing to my eye than the Virgin JFK one, but still very nice.



3. United Club in Reagan National Airport, Washington DC

Despite having been to many swankier First Class lounges, I include this. It was pleasantly surprising how good this lounge was given that it was in a (relatively small) domestic airport.


The Good

4. Lufthansa Business Class Lounge at Heathrow

Catering to short distance travellers going to Germany, or long distance ones catching connecting flights from there (like me), it was quite good. In fact, it was even better than their Business lounge in Frankfurt.



The Rest

5. Singapore Airlines First Class Krisflyer lounge T3 Changi Airport

It is good, but can learn a thing or two from the competition as it is their flagship lounge. In the evenings there is a regular bartender who knows the favourites of the regular flyers.



6. Singapore Airlines Krisflyer Business Class in T2 Changi Airport, Singapore

This had a similar array to the Lufthansa Business lounge in Heathrow, but given that Singapore is their global hub, I expect more.



7. United Business Class Lounge in Hong Kong

This caters to the 4 hour hop to Singapore (the one I was taking), as well as those flying long distance the other way to the US.



Most lounges have a self service counter, quick and efficient. Virgin Atlantic and priority lounges of airlines like Singapore Air and Lufthansa have bartenders. That too can be fun with a quick chat if you are in the mood. The offering is becoming better and better as airlines use all means to attract flyers in this competitive market.  That is great for us passengers!

What has your experience been? Give me some comments below and I can check more things out on my travels.