On the way to Thailand we had a flight on Air Canada from Vancouver to Bangkok. We ended up having five Air Canada flights during our trip to the East and each flight was better than the previous one. I was very impressed with the Air Canada staff as well as the food and general service.


This was the waiting area for our gate.

a group of people sitting in an airport terminal

The boarding process:

We boarded in zone 5 and were seated in the back third of the plane, a Boeing 787-900.

people in a terminal

We were lucky with space as I sat at the window, my wife sat on the aisle and there was no-one in between.

a group of people sitting in an airplane with a screen on the back

It was quite chilly out so there was a delay as we had to taxi to the de-icing area before take-off. That was a first for me and I found it interesting to watch the process.

a truck on a runway at night

The safety card was very informative, I took good note of the water evacuation procedure.

a sign on a plane a instructions on a plane


On board facilities:

The loo:

The rest room was rather small but as I have noted earlier, you only need so much space. It had everything I needed and was well stocked.

a toilet in a bathroom a sink with a bottle and a bottle of liquid in it

The entertainment system:

The entertainment system was versatile, listing food, weather, travel info, movies, music and other Air Canada destinations.

The movies were nice and up to date.

a screen shot of a computer a screen shot of a television

The on board safety video on Air Canada is very creative with Air Canada flight crew at different locations around the country.

a screenshot of a television a screenshot of a television a screenshot of a television

Meal Time:

The food was rather pleasant for economy class food. Jerome Ferrer does a good job with flavors and the variety of the meals.

a menu on a screen a menu on a computer screen

The potato and egg salad was great, the beef was good, even the chicken and noodles for breakfast were tasty. I had wine, liqueur, soda and coffee. A good mix.

a food in a container on a tray


The flight plan:

This was the original flight plan from Vancouver to Bangkok. The path was directly over Alaska, the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia, and over Beijing in China on the shortest route to Bangkok.

a screen shot of a planet earth a screen shot of a computer

And this is how much the route was adapted so as not to fly over Russia or China because of present political issues.

a map of the world with a plane flying

Nowhere near Russia or China, even flying around Taiwan on the way.

a screen shot of a map


Flight conclusion:

So that was Air Canada from Vancouver to Bangkok. It was a rather uneventful flight except for the deviated flight plan.

I am enjoying Air Canada more and more and I am sure I will fly with them again in the near future.