On the way to Canada so I have the opportunity to review the flight on Air Canada from DFW to Montreal.

Going on board:

A view of the Embraer 175 as we went on board.

a plane parked in a tarmac

Air Canada Embraer 175

Air Canada flys the Embraer 175 on this leg to Montreal and back. The seating is 2×2 so it is perfect if you are flying as a couple.

a white and black package

Having little status on Air Canada we sat further back in the plane. The overhead bins on the 175 are quite narrow, you are warned before you board that a lot of normal carry-ons will not fit into them.

a plane with seats and monitors

As you can see from the picture there is not a lot of room on this plane. My wife is not too tall and her legs are quite close to the seat.

two monitors on a seat

This is the safety card for the Embraer 175, concise and efficient.

an airplane instruction guide

Food and drink choices:

Seeing as the flight is longer than 2 hours there is a meal and snack list. Various snacks and drinks and combinations are available, even Kit Kat.

a menu with pictures of food and drinks

The Duo combo as well as the Trio combo are really good value. For eg. the Bar Trio is $18.95 whereas the 3 items bought separately would total $24.00.

a menu of a restaurant

I ended up only having a cup of hot tea with Canadian sugar and milk.

a cup of coffee and a napkin on a table


Coming in to Montreal:

I took this lovely shot of the Olympic stadium as we came in to land in Montreal. To this day still a marvel of construction.

a large white structure with a pointed roof and a city in the background

Here is the link to Montreal airport.  https://www.admtl.com/en

On this day we were not able to spend any time in Montreal as we were flying on to Vancouver.

a screens in a room

Quite a busy boarding process, we were in zone 3 in the 6 zone boarding system.

a group of people in an airport

That was us on Air Canada from DFW to Montreal. All in all a very pleasant experience of Air Canada. I look forward to many other flights to Canada and beyond.