The hacking gods giveth and they taketh away. Earlier this month I was pleased to receive some information on a Frequent Miler Quick Deal from Nick Reyes that allowed me to take advantage of a FREE membership to Leaders Club, a subsidiary of Leading Hotels of the World. Like most flash offers, I jumped on it immediately and received the following email response.


Almost Too Easy

Sweet! That was fast, easy and gave me access to some pretty “ritzy”hotels and service that would otherwise not have anything to do with a southern boy like me. I did take the opportunity to browse the site and see what hotels were listed, but I must admit that I may not be the clientele they are looking for. After a few emails promoting offers and stays, reality hit me with a thud. On March 1, the higher-ups at Leaders Club must have realized the grave mistake that was done and made it clear the offer wasn’t intended for me.


Even Easier

Obviously I’m a bit disappointed in the quick finality of my membership but I guess I got what I paid for in the end. I’m guessing that if the stars align correctly in the future that I may be able to join their program for real. Ah hell, what am I smoking? I’ll still be that guy on the other side of the fence looking through the cracks saying, “one of these days”. I think the moral here is really to scoop up as many of these free offers as you can. More so than often you will not receive the response as I did above, but it’s part of the hobby and considering I lost absolutely nothing in the process is nice. Oh well, bring on the next one!

Did you lose your membership as well? Or am I that obvious!

“Live Within your Means, Travel Beyond Them”