Get ready for another travel meetup in Nashville! Next Wednesday, April 3, come network with other travel enthusiasts in the “Hip” Donelson area at Party Fowl. Not only will you gain valuable insight from like-minded travelers, but your attendance will also help you eliminate every reason you’ve come up with NOT to eat Hot Chicken. When in Nashville, you must, I mean must try Hot Chicken. And the best way to try something new or again is with people you have something in common.

This will be the second meet-up of the newly created  Music City Miles and Points Facebook Group. Lee, aka Bald Thoughts on Boarding Area, an avid traveler and writer and transplant from California, brought his tradition of a social gathering of traveling minds to Nash Vegas. Lee,  Jason-a local travel expert, and myself thatirieguy will organize events on a regular basis to get savvy travelers connected in and around the tri-star state. To register for this event to help plan the space needed, please register here.

Nashville Hot Chicken, Feel the Burn

So maybe you’ve only heard about Nashville Hot Chicken or maybe you’ve only had the so-named, but obviously muted versions found at many a restaurant scattered around the country. Okay, truth be told I’m somewhat biased being that I’m a lifelong Nashvillian and want to preserve the sanctity of the dish. For many, Hot Chicken is a religion around here. So to be relevant, you better have a heck of a fiery bird to entice the local palette and simply exist beyond a few years. Party Fowl has quickly become a local favorite with not only a tasty selection but a great atmosphere.

Party Fowl now boasts 3 locations in middle Tennessee with the most recent addition found in the up and coming Donelson area at 2620 Lebanon Pike. Whether you’re looking for a casual sitdown with friends, a place to watch every big game or to play some games yourself, Party Fowl meets the bill. And if you’re feeling a bit brave, don’t pass up the opportunity to taste the hottest clucker in the building, the Poultrygeist. No worries if you can’t stand up to the heat, there are multiple levels to choose, from mild to the most popular, Nashville Hot. And, of course, there’s beer! And beer can take the sting off almost anything. Again, almost!

Our event begins at 5:00 PM and is family friendly so don’t let that stop you from coming. Spread the word to others and be sure to let us know if you’re coming and we will reserve some space in advance. So take the time to come out for a few and meet some fellow travelers and hackers and have some good food and drinks. Hope to see you there!


“Live Within Your Means, Travel Beyond Them”