Here’s a relatively cheap way to earn 1,500 Ultimate Reward Points using Chase Pay. My wife received an email promoting the opportunity to earn these valuable points by making only five transactions. This offer was on her Chase Sapphire Preferred Card but I’m assuming these may be available on the Reserve as well as other cards in the Ultimate Rewards portfolio. The only stipulation was each purchase must be at least $25 and all purchases must be completed by the end of the year. I checked the app to see if I was targeted and as of now, I have not received anything.


a screenshot of a credit card

Remember that you can use Chase Pay on your phone, of course, but also online, on merchant apps and at the pump if you wish. Pretty simple to get more than $25 at the pump these days so you could conceivably get the bonus merely by filling your tank at Shell for instance over the course of the next 6 weeks. Chase Pay is easy to use and with the bonus offer, worth trying out if you are targeted. To find out more about Chase Pay, including downloading the app and how to use click here.

Ultimate Reward Points are Always Useful

Ultimate Reward points have been and continue to be some of the most lucrative and flexible points you can find. I routinely collect these points, if not for anything else than to have a steady stream of transfer points available if one of my other loyalty programs gets close to expiring my points or if I’m in need of a 1,000 or so points to complete a booking. That point transfer availability makes it priceless. So, any chance I can pick up some easy and cheap ones, the better I feel!


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