Being mindful of your health and wellbeing before, during and after your flight is becoming a new trend. Cathay Pacific have announced new wellness areas in their Hong Kong lounge, The Pier.

Qantas also offer something similar in their Perth transit lounge, which services the ultra long haul flight from Perth to London. Is this becoming a new trend?

Yoga, Stretching and Wellbeing

Cathay Pacific are offering what they call The Body Sanctuary and The Mind Sanctuary. Videos by Pure Yoga teachers lead guests in their routine, which is designed to improve circulation and relax you prior to travel.

For people using The Mind Sanctuary, there are two types of meditation on offer. Audio meditation featuring noise cancelling headphones and iPads is available for guided sessions. Gazing meditation uses comfortable cushions and graphics on the wall.

The airline also offers a series of inflight videos allowing you to practice in your seat. Hong Kong’s The Pier lounge is open to business class passengers and oneworld Sapphire frequent flyers and above.

What About Qantas?

Qantas offer 15 minutes classes both pre and post flight, with a yoga teacher from Bodhi J Wellness Spa Retreats. This is specific to their Perth transit lounge where passengers connect to and from the 17 hour plus flight from Perth to London.

Those departing to London receive calming and grounding sequences to relax before flight. People arriving into Perth and connecting get a different session featuring stretches to loosen and invigorate muscles after the long journey.

Overall Thoughts

With the western world’s increasing focus on health and wellbeing it is not too surprising to see some of the world’s top airlines embracing the trend. The first to do this was the SkyTeam alliance, with yoga in their London Heathrow and Hong Kong lounges as early as 2014.

Apparently the area for this in Hong Kong is the space formerly utilised for the business centre computers, which have now been moved. Since many people now travel with their own devices, these areas are never busy, so retooling the space for something potentially more useful makes sense.

Obviously this kind of thing is only relevant to carriers that have very long flights. I’d be less inclined to enjoy some stretches pre-flight for a quick one hour hop.

What do you think of these new ground facilities in airline lounges? Have you used one before? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image and others via Cathay Pacific.
Qantas image via Qantas.