Venice’s best-loved event has been cut short due to worries about the coronavirus. The city’s pre-Lenten Carnival festivities were scheduled to continue through Tuesday, February 25, but officials canceled Carnival two days early. The closure was implemented to try to control what has been called the worst outbreak of COVID-19 in Europe.

Over the weekend, Italy reported a jump in cases of coronavirus, immediately concerning officials who took quick action. They locked down nearly a dozen cities in Lombardy and Veneto. The move included shuttering schools and museums, and canceling soccer matches and the Venice Carnival.

Trains to Austria Cancelled

Euronews reported that train service from Italy to Venice was suspended over the weekend after reports of two passengers displaying coronavirus symptoms. But by midnight, Austria’s Federal Railways shared an update on its Twitter feed. The railway company lifted the ban after tests for the virus were negative.

a person walking down a walkway with graffiti on the wall

With the Venice carnival canceled, streets are emptier than usual. © Deborah M. Bernstein

Last week, I noticed fewer travelers in Venice. Some streets were noticeably empty. Revelers were not out in droves. The latest advisories may cause more people to cancel or postpone their trips to the region. Airlines and tourism officials are concerned – and rightfully so! And not just in Europe and China. Twelve deaths have been reported in Iran. Other countries with fatalities include Afghanistan, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, the Philippines, South Korea and Taiwan.

Worldometers has a live update on the number of cases and fatalities. Currently, there are 79,744 confirmed cases of coronavirus reported and 2,629 deaths. More than 25, 268 people have recovered from the virus. The statistics also include recovered patients and death toll by country. You can follow Worldometers on Twitter for the latest statistics.

You can also get timely coronavirus disease (COVID-19) travel advice from the World Health Organization on its website.