Half-term holidays are in full swing in Belgium, so lots of people are traveling by air. But there’s some bad news for air travelers. Can you say flight delays? Industrial action by the police is causing long delays at Brussels Airport. Grrrrrr! You better be sure to pack your patience!

“Work-to-rule actions of the Federal Police’s unions continue and so queues may be longer than usual,” wrote Brussels Airport on Twitter. 

a group of people standing in front of a barrier

Work-to-rule action is causing long flight delays at Brussels Airport, and officials said to expect delays through March 1, 2020.   Image by Jan Helebrant from Pixabay

On February 22, airport officials advised passengers to arrive at least an hour earlier than normal to allow for longer waiting times. They also suggested people travel by public transport, if possible.

Today wasn’t much better. The Brussels Times reported that Monday morning peak travel was a nightmare. Yes, the flight delays continued! Long lines at passport control booths tested people’s patience. Passengers reported waiting an hour to get through.

The slowdown began on Friday, bringing with it long flight delays. Airport police staff want better conditions. They are protesting staff shortages and malfunctioning equipment.

The airport is advising departing passengers to prepare for long waits through March 1, 2020. The slowdown may also affect arriving passengers.

“Brussels Airport and its partners do everything possible to limit the impact of these actions on their passengers and they are deploying extra staff members to help and inform the passengers,” the company said.

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