The busy holiday season has started. Airports are becoming more crowded, and travelers need to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. This month, Brussels Airport has launched bTag to make things safer — and easier.

a man walking with a luggage bag

Brussels Airport bTag makes collecting your luggage from the carousel easier and safer.

How has travel changed?

Safety has always been important, but COVID-19 brings new restrictions. Airports and airlines are looking for ways to boost safety. Today, passengers have to wear masks to help reduce transmission of the coronavirus. And it is recommended that you maintain a 5-foot distance from other passengers. Think about what a challenge that could be with people crowded around the baggage belt! On arrival, it can be a bit of a zoo with passengers practically jumping over each other to get their luggage. Brussels Airport recognized that challenge and launched an innovative new product: bTag.

What is bTag and how does it work?

The Brussels Airport bTag is a smart baggage label. They are sold in units of two and cost €8 (about $10). You can order bTags online, and have them delivered to you by mail. When you receive your bTags just activate them in the bTag application. Then, attach them to your bags. Next, tell the airline how you want to receive notifications about your luggage.

a cellphone with qr code on screen

You can get notices on your smartphone to alert you to your baggage status.

Once your bTag is activated and attached to your suitcases, you can use your bTag as many times as you want. And you can activate as many bTags as you would like. There is no limit. You’ll be updated about your bags at key moments during your trip. 

What happens when I land at the airport?

You are notified when your baggage is placed on the carousel and ready to be picked up. Meanwhile, you can wait far from the madding crowds. Stay at a safe distance while waiting for your luggage arrival. Then, keep informed about when and where to expect your luggage. You’ll receive notifications when you land.

Happy — and safe — travels.