Early last summer, I wrote my about trip to Universal Studios.  If you are planning an upcoming visit, you can check out some of these older posts:

I made it clear that the Universal Express Pass is worth it, especially if you stay at an on-site hotel.

Perk of the Universal Express Pass

Some people may not know about it, but the Universal Express Pass also works on certain shows, including the Universal Orlando’s Horror Make-Up Show.

I don’t like horror films since they make me cringe.  My sister, on the other hand, tolerates (enjoys?) them and she wanted to watch the live show.  I finally relented after …no shortage of guilt tripping involved.  We waited in the Express line, though I didn’t think it made any difference. The theater opens at the same time for everyone.  Apparently, there is a difference.

I quickly found out that Express Pass holders are led into the front row seats.  This is where things got interesting.  Given the way the seating is organized, the host can most conveniently pick volunteers from the front row.

Participating as a Volunteer

I don’t like to be in the center of attention so I didn’t volunteer. The joke was on us, because one of the hosts was intentionally looking to pick on non-volunteers.   Thankfully, they didn’t pick me but my dear Mom, who was sitting next to me, was selected.  She did not want to go up there (she has her reasons), yet the host insisted upon it in a “I’m going to encourage you to change your mind by putting you on the spot” kind of way.

I could tell my Mom was getting upset about the whole thing.  Neither one was backing off.

Thinking quickly on my feet, I asked if I could volunteer in her place instead.  Luckily, the host readily agreed.  While I don’t like being in the center of attention, being onstage doesn’t (usually) make me nervous.  It ended up being a comedic act.  I won’t go into the details to not ruin it for others who haven’t seen the show yet.  I got pulled back up onstage for the encore.

As we left the show, it was a little weird getting recognized by other guests on a first-name basis.  “Oh hey, it’s you (my nickname)!”  All in good fun, and it was quite memorable.

Major Tip:

If you are one of those people who love to volunteer at a show, the Express Pass gives you the best chance at this show.  Conversely, you might want to skip the Express lane if you don’t want to be picked on.

I ended up getting a kick out of it, but my sister knows she owes me one.  Big time.