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Are the Bahamas the ultimate tropical paradise? Those who visited can’t seem to forget the otherworldly beauty of turquoise waters and golden sand. The islands have always been a favorite American getaway, situated only 55* miles (hat tip to Jim Miles for the correction) to as the crow flies from the southern coast of Florida, offering enchantments of nature and the best kind of entertainment to foster a dream vacation. A jewel of the Atlantic Ocean, the archipelago is made up of over 2,000 untouched islands, with a few of the gorgeous lands chosen to become busy tourist hubs welcoming millions of visitors each year.

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Adventures at Atlantis

How can one possibly pick a single best location in the Bahamas? It’s a tough choice for sure, but if you want a unique mix of a little bit of everything – peace and quiet, tranquil beaches, lots of daytime activities, water sports, exciting nightlife and gaming, Paradise Island has it all and more. It lies just above the northern coast of New Providence and Nassau, the capital of Bahamas. The paired islands each have their own charm – one busy and hectic with a modern touch, the other a genuine tropical destination for relaxation and rest. Together, they are a great match for those looking for both new and old, offering a chance to experience the best of both worlds depending on the mood. Paradise Island is home to an idyllic, ocean-themed resort, a top holiday and gaming destination famous for its elaborate water parks and large, open-air marine habitat.

The hotel complex was built in the 60’s, but it was not until 1994 that it turned into a large facility and the most extensive resort in the region. The amount of money invested into it was hardly imaginable at the time, but it certainly paid off as the Atlantis-themed hotel and casino indeed has it all. Family with kids, fun-loving friends or a romantic couple, there are things to do and see for just about anyone. While celebrity chef dining, designer shopping, clubbing and chilling in spacious rooms sound tempting, the outdoor activities are what this place is really about.


Exotic Journey Underwater

Marine exhibits are among the main attractions at Atlantis – over 50,000 aquatic creatures swim through 169 million gallons of seawater in life-like lagoons and aquariums. They are spread across the huge property and seamlessly compliment the environment without looking odd or out of place. Though you can marvel at Caribbean Reef sharks and other ocean life walking through colossal shark tunnel and Predator Lagoon, swimming with dolphins is a precious experience you don’t want to miss. It is both fun and educational to interact with Bottleneck dolphins, some of which were rescued after being stranded following Hurricane Katrina. Snorkeling, scuba diving, yachting and fishing are among the park’s everyday offers.


Record-Breaking Water Slides

As everything else on the complex, the water park is one of the largest of its kind in the world. Aquaventure lies on 140 acres offering one of a kind experience on water slides, manufactured rapids and water currents. The artwork instills a genuine immersion into the lost world and Mayan-themed architecture. Abyss, Leap of Faith, Challenger and Jungle are massive body sliding attractions rising up to 60 feet above the ground and ancient temple replicas. Part of a seemingly never-ending Leap of Faith tube is wholly see-through and goes straight through a pool packed with sharks for an added sense of adventure.

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Best Caribbean Casino

Best Caribbean Casino

Atlantis is home to a premier gambling establishment, one of the best-equipped casinos in the North Atlantic and the Caribbean. Located in the Royal and Coral Towers, the gaming facilities are no less imposing than the most prestigious counterparts in Las Vegas. Guests receive a complete experience with world-class gaming floors, unique and complimentary offers. Over 700 latest slot machines and as many as 85 tables are settled between famous glass sculptures and illuminated through large transparent ceilings. The games are also available to those who prefer the outdoors – guests at The Cove Pool and Sea Glass can enjoy the thrills of real money wagering at the poolside, near the ocean or in private beachside cabanas day and night.

This guest post is written and sponsored by Atlantis Bahamas, and is not the work of The Hotelion, who does not validate or endorse this product, service, or writing.

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