2018 is wrapping up and it’s been a crazy year for me. I have flown the most business and first class products this year than ever before. Here is the list of my Top 10 flights of 2018.

10.  JAL 787 Business

A delayed meal service due to turbulence to angle beds, JAL Business soft and hard product wasn’t all that great on a 787-8. Luckily, JAL Airlines will switch their 787-8 to a 787-9 featuring their Apex Suites in March 2019. I’m excited to re-visit this route once the changes are made.


9. Air China A330 Business

The short 3-hour flight from Beijing and Tokyo wasn’t all impressive. The service was below expectation but the food made up for it. I will give Air China another chance on a longer transpacific flight.


8. Korean Airlines A330 Business

My first ever International flight was with Korean Air. I had a pleasant economy class experience and I was more pleased with their business class.  I was extremely tired when I boarded this flight from staying up the night before. I quick;y ate my meal and slept right away.


7.  EVA Air A330 Business

A very short flight from Seoul to Taipei in business class. The food was amazing and service was excellent. Eva Air is definitely becoming one of my favorite Asian airlines.

Eva Air A330 Business Breakfast

Eva Air Business Breakfast


6.  Cathay Pacific 777-300 Business

I had high expectations for this flight (LAX-HKG). The meal service was extremely slow and my dinner was brought out on a food cart as opposed to being brought to your seat. There was no slippers or pajamas offered for a 14-hour flight. The flight attendant mentioned to me it was only available in First Class. The only positive from this flight was their Herringbone seats which gave me a good night’s rest.

Cathay Pacific Business Champagne

Pre-departure Champagne


5. Delta Airlines A350 Suites

I had to check out the new A350 suites being a Diamond Medallion member.  I enjoyed the new Delta Airlines A350 Suites and I would choose Delta over the other U.S. domestic carriers flying to Asia.  Sadly, I was expecting more of an upgraded menu since it’s Delta’s new flagship plane but the food service was on par with what I have flown on previous Delta ONE flights to Asia.  I enjoyed the privacy the A350 suites offered but given the choice of flying the A350 Suites or an Asian airliner in business class, I would choose the Asian airliner because I feel they provide a better overall service.


4.  ANA 777-300 First Class

ANA First Class lived up to my expectations. I did encounter some Wi-Fi issues but I found out it was my phone’s browser which was causing the issue for connectivity. Since I flew a redeye flight, I didn’t get to experience more of a 5-course meal on board. The ANA First Class Suites provided excellent privacy and the flight attendants were friendly and courteous.


3. EVA Air 777-300 Business Class

Eva Air was my first Business Class product I ever flew 5 years ago. This was before I got into the whole miles and blogging game. I remembered my experience being ok but never this good. I’m seriously re-thinking of flying with EVA exclusively now to Asia as I feel they provide the best hard and soft product going to Asia from LAX.

Eva Air Business Class Selfie

Business Class Seat


2. Singapore Airlines A380 First Class

This isn’t the new A380 Suites but for 50,000 KrisFlyer miles one-way, who cares? I enjoyed the awarding winning First Class service. The suite gave me absolutely privacy from other passengers even though it was an empty First Class cabin. The flight attendants politeness and professionalism were what stood out for me the most.


1. JAL 777-300 First Class

It might be biased as this was my First, First Class flight I took ever. I had high expectations of JAL going into this flight and they didn’t disappoint. I was blown away from the level of detail and meal service. When flying First Class it always comes to the little things that make the biggest difference.  Towards the end of my flight, I woke up to a small JAL 777-300 model airplane with my Name, Flight Number, Seat Number and Date of Flight written by the flight attendant. This small gesture completely surprised me and it made my flight one I’ll always remember.