In 2014, American Airlines introduced the Airbus A321 in a premium cabin-heavy configuration. This configuration, the A321T (T meaning transcontinental), features 10 first class seats, 20 business class seats, 36 main cabin extra seats, and 36 standard main cabin seats. While the typical A321-200 can accommodate nearly 200 passengers in a 2-class configuration, American Airlines’ A321T has seating for just 102 passengers.

In addition to holding almost 50% fewer passengers, American Airlines’ A321T comes with some other noteworthy features including all-aisle access for first class passengers, lie-flat seats for business class passengers, and added legroom in most of the main cabin. Here’s a post highlighting some of the top posts about the American Airlines A321T published by TravelUpdate writers.

A Brief Overview of the American Airlines Airbus A321T

This post has already covered most of what travelers need to know about the American Airlines Airbus A321T. However, this section will go a little further in-depth on American Airlines’ premium Airbus narrowbody aircraft.

Number of Airbus A321T in American's Fleet17 (+1 removed from service)
Number of First Class Seats10
Number of Business Class Seats20
Number of Main Cabin Extra Seats36
Number of Main Cabin Seats36
Maximum Range~3480 miles
Introduced to American Airlines Fleet2014

On What Routes Does American Airlines Fly The Airbus A321T?

Since the A321T is specially configured to serve routes with a high demand for premium traffic, American Airlines only flies the A321T on a select few routes. As of December 2021, 5 routes receive the Airbus A321T as part of American Airlines’ Flagship service. Here’s an overview of the routes served by American Airlines’ A321T:

Routes and Cities

RouteFrequency of FlightsEligible for Flagship Services
JFK - LAXAll flights operated with A321TYes
JFK - SNAAll flights operated with A321TYes
JFK - SFOAll flights operated with A321TYes
BOS - LAXAll flights operated with A321TYes
MIA - LAXSeasonal service. Some flights operated by A321T when offered on this route.Yes. Flagship services available to eligible passengers when aircraft is operated on this route.
JFK - BOSMost flights operated with A321TNo. Aircraft is treated as a two-class configured A321 with business class available to AAdvantage elites or sold as Main Cabin Extra.

American Airlines A321T First Class Reviews

American Airlines is the only airline that offers three classes of service on transcontinental flights. As a matter of fact, American Airlines is the last US airline to offer both first class and business class service. However, American Airlines’ first class service on-board select routes served by the A321T is especially unique.

With just 10 seats in a 1-1 configuration, the first class cabin found on the A321T feels especially private. The product found onboard the A321T is actually the same seat found on American Airlines’ Boeing 777-300 in business class. Each seat has access to the aisle and is fully lie-flat. It’s one of the most comfortable premium products in the sky.

American Airlines A321T First Class seat

American Airlines A321T First Class (Image by Max Prosperi / TravelUpdate)

On the ground, eligible passengers can enjoy fine dining in one of the American Airlines Flagship First Dining Rooms located at select Flagship Lounges. First class passengers will also enjoy access to dedicated check-in facilities and security screening while on the ground. While the Flagship First experience is remarkable on the ground, it’s arguably better once in the air.

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American Airlines A321T Business Class Reviews

In addition to offering an elevated first class experience, American Airlines also offers an elevated business class experience onboard its Airbus A321T. American’s A321T features 20 business class seats in a 2-2 configuration. However, American’s business class seat that’s found on the A321T is fully lie-flat and offers added space compared to traditional narrowbody business class seating.

American Airlines A321T Business Class seat

American Airlines A321T Business Class (Image by Takeoff to Travel / TravelUpdate)

Business class passengers, like first class passengers, will also enjoy a more premium experience on the ground. While first class passengers have access to Flagship First check-in and security screening, business class passengers can access standard priority check-in and security screening. Business class passengers also receive access to Admiral’s Clubs and Flagship Lounges. Business class passengers also enjoy an elevated experience onboard as part of American Airlines’ Flagship Business service on eligible routes.

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The Bottom Line

American Airlines is no stranger to criticism of the service it offers its passengers. The past few years have brought a marked decrease in the level of service offered by the airline. However, there is one bright spot that remains relatively untouched by the changes made to in-flight services. American Airlines’ Airbus A321T offers passengers seated in first and business class a unique and premium experience.

Configured with just 102 seats, the A321T is one of the most unique aircraft found in an airline’s fleet. Additionally, passengers traveling in the first and business class cabins will have access to premium facilities on the ground while also having the opportunity to enjoy an elevated in-flight experience while onboard.

Have you ever flown on the American Airlines A321T? Do you have any other questions about the aircraft and the services offered to passengers?

(Featured image contains media from American Airlines)

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